Adjustable Steel Support Bar

Front Support Bar mounts on the table’s front legs. It has a slot in which the shelves mount and is normally ordered with the armrest pads. The bar may be centered along the length of the table or cantilevered to either side, allowing for a wider sliding shelf to suit your application.

Rear Support Bar mounts on the rear table legs and supports the rear end of the sliding shelves. It may also be cantilevered to either side, allowing for a wider sliding shelf.

Both front and rear support bars can be retrofitted but cannot be used with the Full Perimeter Enclosure or Faraday Cage.

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Retractable Casters

Have a total weight capacity of 1,000 lb (450 kg) and can be mounted to the base of the table legs. Casters are required when using the OnTrak™ feature.

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Adjustable amrest Pads

Fasten to the front support bar. TMC also offers an armrest pad that attaches to the Full Perimeter Enclosure.

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White Laminate Sliding Shelves

Shelves slide freely from side to side and are easily lifted off the support bars. Built-in stops prevent shelves from sliding out of slots. When ordering sliding shelves, you must order front and rear support bars. Subshelf offers additional storage space. It can be mounted beneath the isolated table top and may be retrofitted.

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Fixed Full-Perimeter Enclosure

A welded-steel structure that completely surrounds the table top to provide non-isolated support for Faraday cages or other special fixtures. It cannot be used with sliding shelves or support bars. There is an 8 in. wide sliding shelf specifically for the Full Perimeter Enclosure and it is required for use with a Faraday Cage.

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Precision Height Control Valves

Minimize bottled air supply usage, standard TMC height control valves have a small “dead band,” resulting in a height return accuracy of +/- 0.05 in. (+/- 1.3 mm). Precision valves control height to within +/- 0.005 in. but exhaust continuously.

To Order:
Specify precision height control valves with a table, add the letter “P” after the basic table model number.
(ie.: 63P-733) Precision valves may also be retrofitted to installed tables.

CleanBench Faraday Cage

Offers improved access and simplified assembly. It’s designed for shielding in electro-physiology type applications (60 Hz and harmonics). The “window-shade” retracting front panel is easy to operate and causes less disturbance when adjusted. The front panel may be positioned anywhere between fully opened and closed and stays in position without a fastener. This cage incorporates a steel frame and bronze-mesh material and mounts to a required full-perimeter enclosure. Our 40 in.(1 m) tall Faraday Cage includes a 2 in.(50 mm) diameter hole in the base of the side and rear panels. This feature eases cable interface to the interior of the cage. A new version of our armrest pads are compatible with our cages. They are identical to our non-Faraday Cage pads but adhere with Velcro.

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